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Here at the DR.WELLNESS Co., we provide the Natural Marine Collagen, amedical supplement produced by
Dr. Hikaru Ishii and granted European Patent. It has a high absorption rate of collagen and ascientific fround. Also,
it is safe and traceable, made from natural ingredients in Japan.

Activate skin cells and the cells of your body °»Placenta Collagen°…

For customers who want to have immediate effects on your skin and body

Improve your health from the inside!! °»Natural Marine Collagen°…

For customers who want to feel a gradual change in your skin and body

DR.WELLNESS Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of the medical supplements doctor produces.
"Natural Marine Collagen" is marine fish collagen 100% produced from the skin of natural whitefish, excluding the
scale. "Placenta Collagen" is 100% extracted from the porcine placenta in Japan.
The word of mouth makes it more popular. Consumers who already experienced it feel amazing!

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