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Placenta Collagen 150 capsules

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Medical Supplement Contributing to Society

Dr.Wellness Placenta Collagen

Placenta has been used in medicine since the time of Hippocrates in the days of ancient Greece. Dr. Ishii MD. Ph.D., considered and conducted research from a medical stance as part of the social mission to relieve the burden of patients suffering from the side effects of modern medical procedures. The results of his clinical trials bore solid evidence and a high quality highly bioactive Dr. Wellness Placenta Collagen. Together with the response of the synergistic effect of the combination with Dr. Wellness Natural Marine Collagen, since the product was launched, users continue to love and take the product for both medical and beautifying reasons. This high-quality product was developed with the aim of contributing to society and bringing our customers a better lifestyle and to support daily health. Everyone, please try this product.

From the Dr. Wellness staff.

With additives of internationally patented high-quality high absorption fish skin collagen.

Content Amount150 capsules 51 g (content of 1 capsule is 340 mg x 150 capsules)
Raw MaterialFish collagen peptide (including gelatin made in Canada), starch, pure placenta extract powder (Japanese porcine)/HPMC, stearic acid Ca, silicon dioxide
Nutrition facts5 capsules 1.7 g each, 6.55 kcal/ protein 1.12 g /lipid 0.02 g /carbohydrates 0.48 g/salt equivalent 0.005 g
StoragePlease store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, avoiding high temperature and humidity.

[Instructions for use]

Directly take one package per day
Please consult your doctor before taking if you suffer from food allergies, are taking medication or have other medical conditions

Collagen content: in one 15 g package 2,500 mg = the recommended daily collagen intake.

3 points that are special about Dr. Wellness

Point 1

The doctor developed clinical trials ~The history of the development of placenta collagen~

Dr. Hikaru Ishii, MD. PhD. While developing natural marine collagen, through the study of placenta buried suture techniques, it was amazing to see the seemingly magic effects on incurable diseases. I treated one of my patients suffering from hepatitis C with injections of the placenta over a 10-month period. As a result, the marker numbers dropped by 144. I started developing a placenta supplement because I wanted to share this placenta with the general public.

Placenta supplement differs to usual injections as it does not use hydrochloric acid and it was discovered that the components of the placenta resemble the buried suture technique. It was thought that even better results could be expected if a high-quality placenta and collagen were taken jointly, clinical trials were performed which lead to the development of our product.

As a doctor, I was always thinking of ways to stay healthy without relying on medicines, and I feel that by taking this product people can maintain their health without taking prescription drugs.

Point 2

Absorption and safety

Placenta3 important things when choosing

There are two ways to display the contents. This can be as placenta extractor placenta extract powder

Placenta+water,Placenta Extract,Placenta Extract Powder

People may unfairly compare, and say ‘Although [2] has 30,000 mg [3] has only 100 mg!’, but to clarify, [2] is semi-concentrated, and [3] is a dried powder. Both have the same amount of placenta content. Also, there is also a variation of [1] concentration in each company I recommend you to first check if the product is placenta extract or placenta extract powder.
*The numbers showing component amounts are only an indication.

Concentration levels of placenta extract vary between companies.

Example: depending on the manufacturer, even the same 30,000 mg of the placenta may not necessarily have the same extract concentration level. Also, the active ingredients of placenta contained in placenta extracts differ according to the quality of the raw material, and the technology used by each company during the extraction process. It is important to extract the active ingredients contained in the placenta without breaking them.

~ Raw Material Quality, Safety and Extraction Methods~

Raw Material QualityExtracting Technology
  • Production History (place of production)
  • Breeding Conditions
  • Presence of a veterinarian at birth
  • Processing Conditions
  • Clearance Checks (pathogens check)
  • It is important to extract the active ingredients contained in the placenta without breaking them down.

This is also an important criterion when choosing raw materials.

Snowden Co., Ltd uses 100% high quality Japanese porcine placenta (made in Miyazaki prefecture).

The answer to why Dr. Wellness uses Snowden’s placenta extract is easy. Snowden’s has a history of placenta research of over 30 years and is a manufacturer which has gained approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for its placenta extract use in pharmaceuticals. In the placenta extract of Snowden Co., Ltd, Dr. Wellness has particularly chosen Japanese high physiological active porcine placenta. It is a manufacturer of superior quality and technology. Incidentally, it has been found in the Food Analysis Center that when comparing placenta amino acids in pigs and horses, there is little difference. Snowden Co., Ltd established in February 1973 as a raw material manufacturer. The company began placenta research in 1975 not only in the field of health supplements but also as a company outsourcing production pharmaceuticals as one of the industry’s leading companies.

Point 3

It is formulated with high quality European and Singaporean patented high absorbing collagen.

To stay young and healthy, it is essential to have body connective tissue, collagen. However, this decreases by 2 g daily when the body is in its late 20’s, and aging occurs in a variety of places in the body. Originally placenta was known as having the capability of promoting collagen synthesis, and if taken together synthesis in the body is increased. The skin of natural white flesh was added because high synergy can be expected.

~What is placenta~

The placenta refers to the afterbirth from mammals, including humans, after giving birth. The use of placenta as an elixir of youth has a long history, and it is said the Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette both took it as medicine. Today it can be taken as a supplement, or as an injection or by the buried suture technique.

Placenta Collagen

Doctor Wellness Natural Marine Collagen

Using 100% high quality Japanese porcine placenta.
Combining high absorption collagen.

  • Placenta is able to promote synthesis
  • Placenta and collagen complement each other perfectly

Here are some comments from our customers.

  • My period cramps are not so bad, and I don’t have to take pain killers anymore (Saitama Pref./K.S. Age 38 female)
  • My skin pores became smaller in just 5 days! (Akita Pref. R.H. Age 41 female)
  • My skin blemishes are fading. (Okinawa City/M.K. Age 30 female)
  • I feel as if my menopause symptoms are not so bad. (Hiroshima Pref./Y.F. Age 53 female)
  • I don’t get so tired anymore. It has changed my life. (Tokyo/N.U. Age 50 female)
  • I had a sleep disorder which got better with each passing day, and now I can go to work again. (Tokyo/S.O. Age 36 Male)

Which product should I choose?

Which product should I choose?Collagen promotes connective tissue in the body and placenta synthesis but, for people who desire health, we recommend that you take a daily dose of collagen that will fundamentally strengthen your body. “Hormone secretion” is a special effect of the placenta. We recommend ‘placenta’ to those who wish to have balanced hormones and suffer from seasonal problems. To put it simply, the placenta is for beauty and collagen is for health. This product is primarily a supplement for placenta, with few additives, and we recommend adding Natural Marine Collagen for those people who desire both ‘beauty and health too!’. Please feel free to consult with us anytime if you cannot decide which is better for you.

~It is important that you take supplements continuously over a long period of time stress-free~

Be aware of the changes to your health in 1 month, 3 months, 1 year to 10 years from now and choose a product yourself today for your future.

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