How to Strengthen Body Composition

How Much Collagen Do We Need?

In order to increase collagen synthesis in the body, we need to take 2.5g - 5g of collagen per day. While taking 2.5g per day will maintain your health, 5g will promote your health. If taking this amount through collagen rich foods, our bodies will need between 250g - 500g daily.

Collagen Rich Foods

It is impossible to eat 250g-500g a day of certain foods, such as: shark fin, pig’s feet, or chicken wings. Of course, we should refrain from doing this because these foods contain high levels of cholesterol.

Meals that contain collagen
It is difficult to get the needed amount of collagen from your daily diet.

  1. Warning by taking too much fat

    1.Collagens from animals are unhealthy due to the high fat content.

  2.  Let’s take supplements

    2.The optimum solution is to take collagen through a dietary supplement.

  3. Supply supplements easily

    3.This simple and easy way to supply collagen while avoiding unwanted fats and calories.

What is the Process of Collagen Synthesis in the Body?

Collagen consists of many amino acids strands that are held together, which means that its molecule is quite large. Once we take collagen, it is broken down by gastric juices, pancreatic enzymes, and enzymes found in the small intestine.

  • Intestine
  • The mechanism of intestine absorption

Then, peptides made up of amino acids are strung together and absorbed into the digestive tract. This is just a theory and it has yet to be validated through research at this time. Nevertheless, there is a theory of “proline(1),” which states that one of the amino acids found in collagen, does help to promote collagen synthesis, has proven to be a reliable idea. However, the idea of taking only proline is reckless. What is most important is to take collagen as a supplement
.(1) “Proline is an alcohol-soluble amino acid that is found in high concentrations of collagen.”

  •  Resolved and absorbed amino acids
    There is too much proline found in
    amino acid peptides.
  • Proline is mandatory for collagen
    Proline is an amino acid that is essential for the production of collagen and cartilage and is necessary for healthy skin, joints and tendons.

Is This True?

Will not absorb from skin to body

Putting collagen directly on your skin has absolutely no effect. Collagen is expected to reduce skin irritation and provide moisture; however, it is said that collagen molecules are too large to be able to absorb into the skin.

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