How to Select Collagen Supplement

What kind of collagen supplements are there and what do they cost?

 Let’s know the types and prices of collagen

There are mainly two different types of collagen ingredients; animal extracts and fish extracts. Collagen is abundant in skin.
In order to choose fish collagen supplement, it is important to understand which parts of fish are used. Some use the scales, which is usually judged as waste. Expensive materials corresponds to high quality. It is necessary to know the cost of ingredients used.

About Animal Extract Collagen

Collagen from pigs are in markets the most Collagen can be extracted from chicken skin

Poor Intestinal Absorption
Animal extract collagen is mostly from cow, chicken and especially from pig. Most collagen at local markets is from pigskin the most in local markets.
According to research, animal collagen is one seventh inferior to fish collagen when broken down by molecular weight.

Collagen is only absorbed after it is broken down into peptides by digestive enzymes. The ability of breaking down collagen is equal to that of absorbing collagen. Thus, fish collagen is seven times more capable of breaking down collagen to be absorbed than collagen from pigskin.
It is well known that pork is more difficult to digest than fish. Collagen works in the same way.
This is why I do not recommend pigskin.

About Fish Extract Collagen

 Fish collagen

Natural fish skin collagen vs. cultured fish scale collagen
Most low price fish collagen is extracted from the scales of fish skin.

This is due to the low price of scales.
When buying fish collagen, considering that the fish skin and scales are both made from the same type 1 collagen, you may choose the less expensive one.
However, due to the different ways of extracting collagen, the extraction process seems to be different. That is to say, the content of collagen turns out to be different.Some people say that they have amazing results after using collagen extracted from natural fish skin instead of scale collagen. Why could the same type 1 collagen have different results?
Since fish skin is soft, collagen can be extracted completely with heat and enzymes. On the other hand, hard scales do not melt with heat and enzyme. Scales are dissolved with hydrochloric acid.
Two problems occur by using hydrochloric acid because it is such a powerful drug. One problem is residual hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid causes gastritis, which will in turn negatively affect health. The second problem is worse. Hydrochloric acid dissolves not only scales, but also collagen (protein).Once collagen melts, it will destroy peptide combinations. This might stop collagen activity.
Even fish skin and scales are the same type 1 collagen the method of extraction by hydrochloric acid is what makes the action of collagen different.
Scales have mostly been collected from cultivated Tilapia (a fresh water fish from the Amazon River), which might have changed over from antibiotics to scales.
When considering the safest and the most efficient natural collagen products on the market, NMC in an excellent choice.

Material Price

The fact that Natural tuna, for example, is more expensive than cultivated tuna is common sense.
Thus, material prices can be described as follows:
Natural Fish Skin → Cultivated Pig Skin <Chicken Skin <Cultured Scales  
The higher the material price is, the higher the quality will be. You must check whether the market price of the collagen supplement corresponds to the material price or not.Marine collagen supplements made by natural fish skin costs a bit more expensive than other supplement products in the market.

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