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Natural Marine Collagen Granules126 g (in an aluminum bag)

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Medical Supplement Contributing to Society

Natural Marine Collagen Granules126 g (in an aluminum bag)
Natural white fish skin collagen 100%.

In the early 2000s, a friend handed Dr.Ishii collagen base powder by chance.
Dr. Ishii’s inspiration, development and solid evidence from clinical trials, has led the product to be recognized and patented in 13 countries around the world.

Dr. Ishii MD. PhD., the first to research the medical impact of collagen which was originally only studied from the perspective of beauty, has developed a historical product taking into consideration first and foremost your safety and health.

The high absorbent physiological activity has grabbed the attention of the medical world and has been recognized for its scientific evidence, and more importantly, its safety. Since the product was launched, we received endless thanks from not only patients at the clinic but also from people with a variety of problems. It is a high-quality collagen developed with the aim of contributing to the welfare of society.
Less money, same quality! We've redesigned our package based on lowering the packaging cost, yet the product still designed the same result and quality!
We hope that you give it a try.

From the Dr. Wellness staff.

Internationally patented high-quality high absorption fish skin collagen.

Content Amount126 g
Raw MaterialCollagen from Fish Skin (contains gelatin made in Canada), lactose, bone calcium, Vitamin D3
Nutrition factsDaily Intake: 4.2 genergy 11.4kcal/ protein 2.9g/ lipid 0.0g Carbohydrates 0.0g/salt equivalent0.0373g
StoragePlease store away from direct sunlight avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

※Bone calcium derived from fish, phosphorous content.

[Instructions for use]

Direction: Take one spoon (use the spoon included in the package, 1/8 of 5 g spoon (4.2 g), or two packs of packaged products) per day with water.

Collagen content: 2,500mg in two packages 4.2 g = the recommended daily intake of collagen.


1.Please consult your doctor before taking if you suffer from food allergies, are taking medication or have other medical conditions.

2.Keep out of the reach of children.

3.Seal the bag after each use. Use or discard after about one month.

3 points that are special about Dr. Wellness

Point 1

Clinical trials developed by doctors ~The history of the development of the collagen international patent~

Dr. Hikaru Ishii, MD. PhD. At that time in my clinic, we were conducting osteoporosis clinical trials (clinical trials of new drugs). I decided to complete research and development because I thought that if collagen increases bone density, it could definitely be taken safely for a lifetime. I was convinced that natural white fish skin, as a raw material of collagen, would have the best absorption and medical results. Clinical trials altering the compounds and concentration were conducted to discover the ideal combination to increase bone density, and it was this collagen that increased bone density and compared favorably to medicinal pharmaceuticals. A variety of anti-aging effects were confirmed including improved skin condition beautifying, as well as improving the symptoms of arthritis, and cartilage regeneration. Following this, research into the hardening of the arteries was conducted, and it was patented in Europe on the 2nd November 2011 and Denmark on the 6th February 2012, as an agent that reduces and inhibits atherosclerosis. Also, it was patented in Singapore on the 29th July 2011 and in Hong Kong on the 8th November 2011 as a blood vessel anti-aging medicine and anti-aging agent. The European patent recognizes the decrease and prevention of atherosclerosis due to fish skin collagen.

Point 2

Absorption and Safety ~7 times higher than animal derived resolution ~ the secret to high absorption collagen

FOOD Style 21 2003.2 85-88fromCompared to animal derived collagen, fish collagen excels and fish-derived collagen has 7 times high resolution and absorption capacity is also 7 times higher.
~It has good absorption capacity. That’s why the sensation is different~

Collagen Absorption Rankings~Try to choose high absorption and safe ingredients~
Fish scales<derived from animals<red flesh fish(tuna・salmon)<white flesh fish(flounder, cod) The types of fish collagen. Which would you choose - fish scales or fish skin? Fish-derived collagen can be divided into types, scale or fish skin collagen. Most of the fish collagen on the market has been extracted from fish scales, however when extracting collagen from scales hydrochloric acid is used. The hardness in the scales is calcium. A strong hydrochloric acid is used to remove the calcium and to extract the collagen. By doing this much of the collagen, a type of protein is devitalized by the hydrochloric acid and becomes a less biologically active collagen. Also, the residual acid may cause gastritis.

The skin of fish skin collagen is soft, meaning collagen can easily be extracted using only heat or enzyme process. Unlike fish such as tuna and salmon which have high temperatures, fish such as cod and flounder have a lower body temperature and live on the ocean floor. This makes them easy to break down and absorb.

Point 3

Evidence ~scientific evidence~ European patented as an agent that inhibits and prevents hardening of the arteries due to fish skin collagen.

European Patent grantedSingapore Patent granted

Patented in Europe and Singapore due to its superior absorption capacity.

≪European patent overview≫
Fish skin collagen prevents and inhibits atherosclerosis.

≪Singapore, Hong Kong Patent Overview≫
Vascular anti-aging medicine and anti-aging agent.

Natural Marine Collagen

Doctor Wellness Natural Marine Collagen

100% natural white fish skin used
Safety and Security, high absorption collagen (no fish scales used)

  • Molecular purified to approximately 3,000
  • Resolution is 7 times animal product
  • Production history (an indication of the place of origin) and no antibiotics.
  • Safe collagen with noantibiotics , no residual mercury.

Here are some comments from our customers.

  • My skin blemishes have disappeared. (Y. F. Age 36 female)
  • My breasts have grown larger in the 3 months after I started taking it. (T. M. Age 32 female)
  • My skin is hydrated even in winter after a bath. (A. T. Age 53 female)
  • My blood pressure has stabled (N. H. Age 63 male)
  • My joint pain has gone, and now I can sit on the floor. (S. E. Age 51 female)
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